Our Domestic Oil Tank Services

Is your home’s heating system oil fuelled? If so it’s likely that you may need one of our oil tank services below at some time or another. Here at TVM Plumbing we are a local, Scunthorpe based, company offering oil services across all of North Lincolnshire. All our plumbers and heating engineers are OFTEC registered meaning that they are safe to complete oil work and all work carried out will be to a high standard.



If your oil tank gets damaged or is suffering from wear and tear it may need to be replaced. Our fully qualified, OFTEC registered specialists are here to help when this need occurs. We’re happy to help you through the whole process from deciding which tank meets your needs to installation.



Whether you’ve got a new tank installed or moved to a different fuel type, you’ll probably want your old oil tank removed. At TVM Plumbing we are fully licensed to safely take away your old tank and make sure that it’s disposed of properly.



We can take care of oil spillages which may occur due to a damaged oil tank. This includes making sure that the oil tank is serviceable with either oil tank repairs or replacement.



Have you been caught short with your oil supply? Not to worry! Here at TVM we can organise emergency heating oil deliveries across North Lincolnshire, minimising the time you’re without heating and hot water.



Having your oil tank inspected can help ensure that it’s fit for use and your vital heating oil is kept safely and will be there when you need it. This can ensure that your heating oil deliveries won’t be rejected and can help you determine whether a replacement is needed in a less vital time of year.

Need A Quote For Our Oil Tank Services?

If you’re having issues with your oil tank it can be hard to understand exactly what needs to be done. Luckily TVM Plumbing can help! We can cover everything your oil tank could need and will be more than happy to come and assess your oil tank and give you a quote for any work that needs to be carried out.

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Oil Tank Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Bunded Oil Tank?

If you’re storing heating oil it is a requirement that you have a bunded tank. This essentially means that you have a tank within a tank with your heating oil being stored within the inner tank. This means that both tanks have to be damaged in order for a leak to occur.

How Do You Dispose Oil Tanks?

Oil tank disposal should be undertaken by specialists such as ourselves. This is due to the fact that the oil contained could be hazardous to the local environment and care must be taken in the disposal of the tank.

How Long Does Heating Oil Last?

How long your heating oil will depend on your own personal usage, such as how long you have your heating on each day, as well as the time of year. On average it’s expected that 500 litres will last 2-3 months during the winter months.

What Does OFTEC Stand For?

OFTEC is the Oil Firing Technical Association. Being registered with OFTEC means that the person is safe to be working on oil systems. It’s essentially gas safe for heating engineers who work on oil systems.