When coming into the winter months preparation is key. Thinking ahead and considering your heating oil requirements before the cold weather hits is important. Failing to plan ahead could mean that you are left without heating. You should always book a heating oil delivery in advance to ensure you never run out of heating oil completley.

Here’s our guide to getting prepared for the upcoming winter.

Preparing your tank

A good place to start in preparation of a heating oil delivery would be to check your oil levels. Not knowing how much heating oil you have in your storage tank is one of the biggest reasons people run dry and require an urgent delivery.

If you find that your oil tank does need a refill, you should check over your tank carefully for any damage and ensure your pipes and fitting are in good condition. It’s best to do this before ordering a new batch of fuel for various reasons:

  • You might be refused delivery in busy winter months
  • An oil tank is easier to fix with lower fuel amounts
  • An oil tank is easier to replace with lower fuel levels

If you notice any damage or ageing to your tank you should call an engineer to get this fixed before the cold hits!

Servicing your boiler

Before the winter comes, to minimise the chance of any unexpected breakdowns you should ensure that you have had your annual boiler check and services. It’s recommended that you service your boiler at least once every 12 months. During autumn and winter your boiler will be working its hardest, servicing your boiler will make sure your system is running safely and efficiently to cut the risk of potential carbon monoxide poisoning.

Heating Oil Prices Can Rise In The Winter

The price of heating oil tends to be higher throughout the winter months as it is more in demand. If you are looking for the lowest price you should order before the winter as prices can be much lower. The price of heating oil fluctuates as it becomes cheaper throughout the summer months and more expensive throughout the winter. Recent statistics show that heating oil prices in May 2020 reached 20p per litre whereas in January that cost was nearly 50p per litre. You are without a doubt best buying your heating oil during the summer months to keep the price as low as possible alongside avoiding longer delivery times in the colder months where you could potentially go without heating.