If you’re storing heating oil it is a requirement that you have a bunded tank. This essentially means that you have a tank within a tank with your heating oil being stored within the inner tank. This means that both tanks have to be damaged in order for a leak to occur.

All non-domestic oil storage tanks over 200 litres need to be bunded.

For domestic premises you need to carry out an oil storage risk assessment (this can be obtained from OFTEC). In brief a Bund is required in domestic situations if:

  • You are storing over 2500 litres
  • Your tank is near an open drain or loose fitting manhole
  • Your tank is within 10m of controlled water such as a river, stream etc
  • Your tank is located where any spillage could travel over hard ground to reach controlled water
  • Your oil use is for a building other than a single family dwelling
  • Any other unique hazards to your site

Bunded tanks are a durable and a long lasting solution specifically designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. Long standing durability ensures that your fuel remains safely stored and unable to cause damage to your premises or pollute the environment

The control of Pollution regulation drawn up in 2001 stipulates all commercial and industrial tank users must provide a secondary containment capability to make sure that in the event of any leaks, the fuels stored can not contaminate water.