How long your heating oil will depend on your own personal usage, such as how long you have your heating on each day, as well as the time of year. On average it’s expected that 500 litres will last 2-3 months during the winter months.

Other factors that can affect your heating oil usage is the condition of your heating tank. Older aging tanks have a tendency to consume more oil than newer models that have been designed efficiently. You should ensure you keep your tank well maintained and if you feel like your tank has suffered damages, look at getting it replaced.

If your wanting to conserve your heating oil there are a few factors you should look at doing:

  • Regular maintenance – Ensure you have a well maintained tank. You should check it regularly for degradation and leaks
  • Proper insulation – If your house is well insulated, heating oil conservation is easier. Good insulation means the heat is retained in the house, rather than being dispersed through the roof, windows, and walls.
  • Invest in a thermostat – Use a Smart Thermostat to regulate the heat, reduce heat wastage and adjust usage when you are not home.